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This is my family crest of the aristocratic lineage of FREIHERR VON ZEDLITZ, awarded in 1610 by Emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg/ Austria first and awarded by Kind Frederick the Great of Prussia 1741 to my ancestors in the same form. The motto means “strong and true”.

I firmly believe that each human being should contribute something during his or her life time which will transcend his/ her life and contribute towards the common good of mankind, humanity, our human existence or our greater spiritual fulfilment.

In my case, this is my project of “Paradise-on-Earth” which aims at construction of a true paradise on earth as a paradisiac place of living, free of ancient notions of labour, a world free of poverty, free of destruction of nature and in full harmony with the biosphere of our beautiful, rare, blue  planet Earth, which in itself is a very rare oasis or paradise (as “spaceship Earth”) rolling around our Sun and surrounded by an infinitely vast but deadly space. But such paradise on earth should not have the utopian notion of reversing history and going back to ancient times, but will use the latest state of the art technologies, particularly in energy production using fully renewable energy systems (mostly solar) and other sophisticated technologies (including atomation). Essentially, it aims at preserving our existence on our planet Earth for the longest-term possible (“for the millennia to come”) in a perfect equilibrium between human population, our biosphere, and our cultural-societal and technological system.

By the same time, it will be a model of a true post-industrial (post-communist and post-capitalist) society and culture based on leisure and culture, including a university-like form of life-long intellectual, cultural, artistic, sportive and spiritual learning and aspiration (© “Universitopia” academy) and new philosophy of longest-term oriented life called © “eternalism” (which necessitates a redefinition of our terminology and concepts in the form of a “dictionary of the 21st century”).

My project of “Paradise on Earth” can be called  one of the greatest challenges and most exclusive project on earth today as it will also  comprise the construction of a concrete living site and model of “paradise on earth”. In a commercial form, it aims at constructing a unique luxury resort, in the non-commercial form, it pilots an aproach, a philosophy. It is embedded in a paradisial setting (sub-tropical landscape, with spas, cultural and entertainment facilities) empowered by solar energy and with its independent production system (see my webpage of and

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