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This is my family crest of the aristocratic lineage of FREIHERR VON ZEDLITZ, awarded in 1610 by Emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg/ Austria first and awarded by Kind Frederick the Great of Prussia 1741 to my ancestors in the same form. The motto means “strong and true”.

But the von Zedlitz family dates back much earlier, to the days when the first knight of von Zedlitz was made by a King, who was saved from being torn to death, after having fallen off his horse during a fierce battle but still hooked up by his belt, by the brave deed of his knight who freed the King by cutting him off his belt with a well targeted strike of his sword.

The first official record of the noble family von Zedlitz dates back to 1190, and in 1990, the 800-year festival of the family was celebrated. For most of the time, the family lived in Silesia, but there were also lineages living in Austria and in the lower Rhineland area. The von Zedlitz family, thus belongs to one of the oldest aristocratic families of German nobility.

Another highlight of the von Zedlitz family was its brave participation (along with 5 other Silesian noble families) in the deadly battle of Wahlstatt/ Silesia in the year of 1241 against Dschingis Khan’s Mongolian troops who were about overrun the Christian European occident (see: Similarily, during the siege of the Christian stronghold of the city of Vienna by the Osmanic army in 1529, Christoph von Zedlitz was captured by the Turkish and released again with honorary gifts by Sultan Suleyman because of his great bravery (see: Still today, in Vienna’s inner city, next to the famous Stephansdom cathedral, there is a street named after him, the “Zedlitzgasse” leading to the Parkring and city park.

The family has seen a number of famous personalities, such as the Austrian poet Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz und Nimmersatt (see: and and the Prussian Minister for Culture & Justice, Karl Abraham Freiherr von Zedlitz und Leipe (who introduced the “Abitur” in Germany and authorised Immanuel Kant’s famous philosophical discourse of “Critique of Pure Reason”, a prime book of the era of Enlightenment, and who also quarrelled with the King Frederick the Great over his great sense of justice in the case of the “Miller of Sanssouci”, see: and =Karl_Abraham_von_Zedlitz&go=Go).

Nota Bene: I have nothing to do and disapprove, however, the marketing of a mediocre German wine bottled under the name of “Graf von Zedlitz” (which is an extinct lineage) and bearing the portrait of above cited famous minister with whom it has nothing to do at all.

Through my great-grandfather (paternal side), who had married the English lady Mathilda Pauncefote of Preston Court, Gloucestershire), I am also related to her father as my great grand uncle who was the famous British personality of Lord Julian Pauncefote, Baron of Preston Court, who becale the first British Ambassador to the US, and was the mastermind of both the Suez and Panama Canal Treaties as well as of an international arbitration tribunal which became the International Court of Justice to be founded at The Hague later.(see:,_1st_Baron_Pauncefote). Some other famous members of the von Zedlitz family are listed in Wikipedia under

Also maternally, I descend from aristocratic forefathers, the von Carlowitz lineage (see:, who had also a number of famous personalities in their ranks, notably: Georg von Carlowitz (1471 - 1550), influential political adviser to Duke Moritz (Maurice) of Saxonia; his son Christoph von Carlowitz (1507 - 1578), very influential political Adviser of the Albertinian Court of the Dukes and Electors of Saxonia at Dresden (Georg, Moritz and August); and Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645 - 1714), Director of Mining of the Saxonian Court and scholar, who contributed the world’s first complete book on forestry science (Sylvicultura oeconomica 1713) and created the notion of ‘sustainability’ (see: Hans Georg von Carlowitz (1772-1840) was Saxonian Minister and honorary citizen of the City of Frankfurt am Main (see:

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