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This is my family crest of the aristocratic lineage of FREIHERR VON ZEDLITZ, awarded in 1610 by Emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg/ Austria first and awarded by Kind Frederick the Great of Prussia 1741 to my ancestors in the same form. The motto means “strong and true”.


This is a photo of me in 2005. I am born in 1955 in Coburg, Upper Franconia (Bavaria) in West Germany. Today, I live Frankfurt/Main.

I was born in the medieval beautiful town of Coburg (dating back to 1056, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, West Germany, see:, as second son of my father, Conrad Dieter Freiherr von Zedlitz und Neukirch, a forestry scientist, and my mother Helgard, née von Carlowitz, in an ancient monastery building surrounded by a large park with very large, old trees. The fortress of Coburg, which sheilded Martin Luther, the reformator, for some time, overlooks the town majestically, and Coburg gave also its name to the lineage of Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha from where Prince Albert, the later husband of Queen Victoria originated.

Both my father and my mother, in the wake of Russian occupation at the end of WW II, had fled from Eastern German provinces, Silesia and Saxonia respectively, where their families had lived for hundreds of years. It was a harsh fate to restart all of one’s life and to build a family and make a new living in those days. Nevertheless, I grew up in a world full of antiques, filled with history and close to the beautiful surrounding nature.

Later, my father had to change his job and became a military officer in the newly founded West German army. Unfortunately, the family had to leave Coburg and follow the various duty stations of my father which lead us to the city of Düsseldorf at age 10. With 15, I attended the city’s youth music school and studied piano and drums. With 18, I obtained my secondary school leaving certificate, the “Abitur” which gave me access to unrestricted University studies. By the same time, I refused the military draft for humanitarian reasons and was exempted. After two deadly world wars having started from Germany, and with two German armies opposing each other on German soil under the command of distant superpowers armed with nuclear weapons, I thought it was time to make a change.

As a member of the new generation, born 10 years after the end of WW II in Western Germany, my vision since became to overcome past patterns and prejudices associated with “nobility” related to “militarism”, “conservatism”, “chauvinism” and “racism” by taking a broad-based ‘studium generale’ as a truly universal course of studies oriented towards overcoming culture-bound, narrow perceptions and prejudices (also as a counterpoint to Germany’s infamous history of Nazism and stupid anti-Jewish racism).

I became a cultural/ social anthropologist (a science called in Germany “ethnology” which in its modern meaning is the science of human cultures at all times and all places around our globe) by training, and with the minor study subjects of philosophy and psychology (psychology of personality, ethno-psychology) as well as political science (and at times also musicology), and hold both a Master’s (M.A.) and Doctor’s (Ph.D.) degree with distinction (1980 and 1984) from the Philosophical Faculty of Germany’s famous University of Cologne (see: which is one of Europe’s oldest universities dating back to the year 1388. From 1981 to 1982 I became a postgraduate affiliate research student at University of Ghana to conduct my ethnological field work on the topic of my later Ph.D. Dissertation (ISBN-10: 3876731003): How to integrate sound ethnic and national identities through civil and cultural education in school, a concept which I termed “ethno-national integration” and which call for interethnic (and interracial and international) tolerance and understanding as a basis for more encompassing identities (see: and

After my Ph.D. I went to the United States for post-doctoral studies and research as a Research Fellow at the famous Institute of International Studies of the University of California, Berkeley (see: and as a Visiting Scholar of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace (see: of Stanford University (see: where I took inter alia studies in International Relations/ Political Economy/ African Studies, Economics, and the Graduate School of Business Administration at Berkeley, and in African Studies and International Development Education at Stanford. During this time I lived in Berkeley’s famous “International House” (see: which was founded by J.D. Rockefeller as a place where US and foreign students from around the world live together in intercultural harmony bound together by intellectual endeavour.

Having returned to Europe, I continued to follow my high humanitarian ideals, first by joining the Commission of the European Communities Headquarters at Brussels, Secretariat-General (see: , where I took an administrative traineeship before I started to work as a Junior Professional Officer at the United Nations Office at Vienna, Centre for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs, as part of the UN Secretariat and one of the three seats of the world organization (see: It was the first global conference on social development since the first such UN conference of 1968 at The Hague on which I worked there, which took place in 1987 (see: Afterwards, I continued working at another International Organization, the Council of Europe, Secretariat-General, Office of the Clerk of the Parliamentary Assembly (see: before becoming an Independent Consultant (“Z-Consult”) in international development cooperation since 1990.

In my main area of professional activity, as an independent consultant for development cooperation, until today I have undertaken numerous consultancy missions as a development anthropologist, sociologist and socio-economic expert covering the sectors of rural development and food security, rural and urban infrastructure (such as water supply and sanitation, roads, irrigation), environmental conservation and protection, local development and social funds, social development, health, and education focused on “social and institutional development and capacity-building/ training” and covering 26 countries in Europe, the Near East, Asia and Africa up to today (see my webpage of In this connection, my work is always dedicated towards reducing poverty and improving the living conditions of deprived peoples of the developing countries aiming at realizing the UN “Millenium Development Goals” (see education.shtml).

Apart from this main area of consulting, there are other activities, such as PR & communications and other areas as well as new and innovative undertakings and visions which are all characterized by an international, intercultural, global, cosmopolitan, humanitarian outlook comprising a strong unprejudiced orientation overcoming  non-objective limitations and taboos (see also


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